Autumn (Pre-implementation) Overview

During the autumn stage, complete a full draft of the language plan. Develop the tools and processes required to put the plan into action, including an implementation plan, a monitoring and evaluation plan, and a budget.

Activity Checklist:

Planning OutcomesActivities
Establish a language planning team
This may already have been done in previous phases; only repeat if developing new team.
Develop a list of potential planning team members
Recruit planning team members
Create a language team agreement
Make a plan to complete the work
Create a new work plan for each phase.
Develop a work plan
Plan for community engagement
Update the communication and engagement plan (or create a new one).
Update the communication and engagement plan
Develop a year-by-year summaryComplete a year-by-year summary
Develop an implementation planComplete an implementation plan
Develop a monitoring and evaluation planComplete a monitoring and evaluation plan
Create a budgetComplete a budget worksheet
Complete a language plan five-year budget
Finalize the language planBring all the elements of the plan together in a final language revitalization plan document
Complete an autumn summaryComplete a summary of autumn stage activities
Share the summary with the community

Some of the activities and outcomes listed above are “Planning Tools” that guide the process of developing a language revitalization plan. Information on these tools can be found in Part Three: Planning Tools. The other outcomes are parts of a language revitalization plan and are described in the following section.