Communication and Engagement Ideas

There are many ways to communicate and gather information. As you develop the communication and engagement plan, consider how to include community members living at home as well as those who live away from home. As always, use the methods that work best for the community.

Engagement Ideas

  • Community meeting (could include a dinner or snacks)
  • One-on-one meeting / interview / phone call
  • Online or in-person survey
  • Meeting with heads of families
  • Visiting already established programs for Elders, youth, children or families
  • Visiting with someone over coffee/tea or by taking a walk
  • Having a community picnic
  • Attending community events with an information table

Communication Methods and Tools

  • Use social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Display posters in highly visible places
  • Host an information table at an existing community event/gathering
  • Host an open house so people can drop in to receive information on the language planning processes
  • Create a regular language planning newsletter with updates on language planning activities; post it on social media or the community’s website, send it by email or print copies for pick up at a select locations
  • Send regular email updates to people interested in the planning process
  • Record video updates and post them online
  • Make a phone list for those interested in participating in or receiving updates on the planning process; call people prior to events