Summer (Planning) Overview

Activity Checklist:

Planning OutcomesActivities
Establish a language planning team
This may already have been done in the previous phase; only repeat if developing new team.
Develop a list of potential planning team members
Recruit planning team members
Create a language team agreement
Make a plan to complete the work
Create a new work plan for each phase
Develop a work plan
Plan for community engagement
Update the communication and engagement plan (or create a new one)
Update the communication and engagement plan
Develop a vision statementGather input to develop a draft vision statement
Finalize the vision statement and present it to community members
Develop goals and strategiesGather information for the goals and strategies
Obtain feedback from the community
Develop actions and indicatorsDevelop actions and indicators
Put them together with work done in the spring stage
Create a draft planComplete a draft language revitalization plan
Complete a summer summaryComplete a summary of summer stage activities
Share the summary with the community

Some of the activities and outcomes listed above are “Planning Tools” that guide the process of developing a language revitalization plan. Information on these tools can be found in Part Three: Planning Tools. The other outcomes are components of a complete language revitalization plan and are described in the following section.