Language Plan Endorsement, Celebration and Reflection

At this point in the language revitalization planning process, the community will have a final plan that is ready to be shared.

Share the Language Plan with Leadership

Some potential ways to share the language plan with leadership include the following:

  • If community leadership has been involved in the plan’s development or participated in a language planning advisory committee, invite them to participate in sharing the plan with other members of leadership.
  • Hold a lunch or dinner for leadership and walk them through the plan.
  • Ask to be put on the agenda of a regular leadership meeting to review and share the plan.
  • Meet with leaders individually to share the plan and gather their feedback and ideas.
  • Seek endorsement. If leadership is willing, their endorsement may help to ensure the plan stays an active focus and priority for the community.

Share and Celebrate the Language Plan with the Community

The winter stage is a time to share the language revitalization plan with the community and mark a cycle of hard work and accomplishment.

Share the language plan with the community to keep people informed. Sharing can also generate excitement and encourage members to get involved. Suggested ways to share the language plan include the following:

  • Host a community celebration gathering.
  • Create a video that summarizes the language plan. This video can be shared at a community event or on the community’s website and social media.
  • Share the language plan on the community’s website or social media.
  • Share a one-page summary of the plan (or the full plan) in a community newsletter or door-to-door mailer.
  • If appropriate, consider whether a ceremony may be a way to mark this big accomplishment.

Storytelling and Reflection

In many communities, winter is a season for storytelling and reflection. This stage provides an opportunity to reflect on the experiences of building the language revitalization plan. Consider what was learned throughout the process and how this learning can inform work done in the next rotation of seasons.